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Anyone can hire a programmer. But to build and deploy a great product, you need more than a programmer. You need a partner for the long term that is willing to put their reputation on the line. We will be there every step of the way and into the future for continued support. With 20 years of experience in many different markets we bring the tools and knowledge to bring your product to market on-time and on-budget.

Project Management

Project management is the understanding of what your goals and objectives are, and then driving the entire process to completion. There is more to managing a project then just facilitating meetings and posting project schedules.

We need to maintain an open relationship with all of your involved departments and users. Satisfying the end users of the system in the end is the most difficult task and the most critical for long term success. We need to manage all the resources involved in the project, from the developers to the testers.

We take ownership of the project, any problem with the project is our problem.

Business Process Analysis

Each organization is unique, that uniqueness has led to the search for a custom application. If you could use off the shelf software you would probably had already purchased it.

Business process analysis is identifying business needs and determining solutions to those business problems. We take this process one step further in understanding the environments the end users are required to work within. Communication with your users will bring the key points to the process that will ensure the success of the application.

Application Design

To design a successful application we need to build from everything we learned during the business analysis process. We take your vision of the application and then inject our expertise and knowledge of multiple platforms. Application design takes more the screen shots and prototypes. The foundation of your application needs designing, hardware infrastructure, database design, and more.

We use prototyping tools to build what we believe will be the optimal system. We put forth every effort to put together a system that will provide what you want and need.

Computer Programming

Over the past few years with the invent of visual programming languages it seems that everyone was a computer programmer. It is true that these new environments made it easier for your everyday computer geek to develop an application or design a web site. The downfall came when the application needed to scale up for more users or larger databases. And as soon as there was a bug, forget it, the lack of documentation or documented programming standards made it almost impossible to fix or upgrade an application.

We have developed a documented set of coding standards that make the transistion from development to support a painless process.

Database Development

We started designing and building database applications with Access and Foxpro almost 20 years ago. Database technology has evolved over the years and as the applications have grown we have invested in Microsoft's SQL SERVER as our primary back end.

Building a successful database is a balance between design practices and real world performance. Sometime it is just necessary to break a few rules to make sure the application performs as expected. We enjoy database programming as much as working with the user interface and take pride in our end product. It is hard to show off the work on a database that does what it is suppose too, but when it is wrong the DBA is the frist to hear it.

Software Testing

Software testing is not a process that is to be performed at the end of the project. We test the application each and every step of the way. We use additional tools to help test our applications as soon as they are placed back in the source code repository.

At the time of user testing in the field the application is 95% tested. I like to think that user testing is for application flow and testing the business process, not testing the programming.


As we stated before, we are a one stop shop. We don't stop once the software is built. We can provide the experience to deploy the application for you or work with your IT staff to get the application deployed and also work on a plan for supporting updates.

We will do whatever it takes to make sure the entire process is a success.

Our Belief

StepMobile, Incorporated is motivated by the belief that great experiences drive great businesses. Partnerships are founded on common goals, shared commitments, and mutual rewards. Since 1991, StepMobile has been committed to delivering integrated software solutions that build a competitive advantage and bring value to our customers.