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Tethertrack is an advanced, active, two-piece GPS Offender Tracking system. TetherTrack is the first of its kind application to introduce active mobile zones for victim notification and integrated vehicle tracking program.

Lares Technology       Tether Track

Lares Technologies addresses the needs of today's corrections professionals with affordable and practical active GPS Offender Tracking systems. With our innovatice, patent-pending technologies, Lares is able to offer advanced active GPS tracking at about the price of current passive systems with equipment that is easy-to-use for both officer and offender.

Business Requirements

Lares Technologies was focused on creating a new state-of-the-art offender monitioring system with patent pending hardware and an innovate new approach for the application design. Tethertrack will bring to small and medium sized organizations the same functionality and capilbilities of active GPS monitoring that large organizations expect today. Lares will be able to offer these enhanced features at the same price as passive GPS units today.

Technical Requirements

Lares Technologies had to bring in multiple companies to build the patent pending hardware. These companies provided the specifications for each of the individual components that made the Tethertrack system function. Lares Technologies required a professional consulting company to help them with this project.

StepMobile Solution

StepMobile Inc., was engaged to design, build the infrastructure, and program the application. StepMobile used its Application Methodology to develop a quality system design. StepMobile utilized the StepMobile .Net mobileLink framework as the application foundation to further reduce costs and improve the delivery schedule. StepMobile's ,Net locationLink framework provide the necessary component to quickly develop and deploy and mobile phone application for tracking purposes and also engage the bluetooth features. StepMobile provided key and critical help in the engineering of the work flow and the application's visual design.


Because of the size of Lares Technology they could not build the application on their own, they had to leverage StepMobile's outsourcing services to quickly engage and deliver the solution on time and on budget. StepMobile will also provide the continued support of the application and work on future functionality.

Products and Services

  • StepMobile .Net mobileLink Platform
  • StepMobile .Net locationLink Platform
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2008

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Our Belief

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