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The StepMobile Platform Framework is a software product that will eliminate problems caused by insufficient specifications, bring together the different styles of the developer team, and build applications that easily adapt to the future unforeseen changes. These platforms will bring our expertise in mobile messaging, location based services and integration with customer information at the store level to your organization.

Mobile Link Platform

The mobileLink API platform is a set of APIs that are designed to allow for the rapid integration of SMS capabilities into new and existing applications. In addition to simple text-messaging, the mobileLink API provides a powerful set of features, helping you speed your mobile messaging application to market with the assurance that you are working within all the industry standards.

We offer a feature-rich, two way API through which you can seamlessly send SMS mobile text messages. You can also do a wide variety of programming such as managing distribution lists and managing your keywords.

Our API is a state of the art web service to allow for easy integration and scalability for the largest and most critical environments.

Location Link Platform

The locationLink API is a set of components and libraries that can be used to quickly integrate location-based functionality into applications. Additionally, it leverages the functionality of Bing Maps to provide powerful mapping capability, with little or no knowledge of the complexities of mapping. locationLink components are available for J2ME and Microsoft .NET Framework, and provide unprecedented flexibility in location-enabling new or existing applications.

locationLink is the core of the TetherTrack Offender Monitoring application, and allowed for the rapid development of law enforcement related libraries for industry standard protocols and devices. Reliability, availability and accountability are the focus of the locationLink platform, ensuring applications built on it can be counted on when they’re needed.

Store Link Platform

storeLink builds on the foundation created by mobileLink and locationLink, providing the cohesive set of tools needed to develop powerful, consumer-driven applications in the retail industry. Building customer loyalty is key to the future success of a retail establishment, especially today. storeLink is a set of components and libraries that assist in this loyalty building, providing your customers with the information they want, when and where they want it. From enhancing existing loyalty or VIP programs, to building an entirely new one, storeLink allows you to utilize today’s technology to reach today’s customer base.

Imagine driving past your local supermarket, and receiving a text message reminding you that you need milk and bread. Or visiting that supermarket and immediately receiving digital coupons for items on your shopping list, or that you frequently purchase. How about providing your customers the ability to ask for the current price of an item via text-message, and sending them a response automatically. With storeLink, this type of customer-aware system can be developed and deployed easily, for one store or a nationwide chain.

For information on how StepMobile can help your business grow, call (419) 755-6700 or email us for more information at StepMobile Sales

Our Belief

StepMobile, Incorporated is motivated by the belief that great experiences drive great businesses. Partnerships are founded on common goals, shared commitments, and mutual rewards. Since 1991, StepMobile has been committed to delivering integrated software solutions that build a competitive advantage and bring value to our customers.