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The foundation of StepMobile was built in 1991, as COBRA Systems Incorporated.  A software development company, focused on custom application development, COBRA Systems landed its first significant development contract with Sprint, a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company.  Sprint selected COBRA Systems to develop their Service Order Entry Directory Assistance system.  This contract established a relationship that led to projects with a number of Sprint divisions, including 911, Cable Maintenance and Work Force Management.

Additional projects provided COBRA Systems with experience in a number of industries, including health care, international shipping documentation, manufacturing quotation and supervision and surveillance monitoring.

Early in 1999, COBRA Systems partnered with players in the hospitality industry to develop a low-cost, entry level point-of-sale system for bars, nightclubs and restaurants.  Over the next decade, this product matured into 2TouchPOS, and industry leading point-of-sale with an international customer base of over 2000 installs.  As the product continued to grow, a network of resellers and dealers was established,  providing a strong sales and support channel.  2TouchPOS, in fact, became a company unto itself. 

With the maturity of the 2TouchPOS product, more focus was placed on becoming a sales and marketing company, rather than our core foundation of custom software development.  So that we could return to our roots, the decision to find a buyer for the 2TouchPOS entity was made.

In 2009, a well established dealer presented an offer for the 2TouchPOS product line, and an agreement was reached, that benefited the product, customers and employees.  With the sale complete, and almost 20 years of experience invested, StepMobile was established, with a core team of leadership and developers. 


After almost 20 years in business using the same company name meant it was going to take some planning to find a new name. With the focus now back on developing custom software apps that revolved around mobile technology we knew what word to start with, Mobile. While working on a current project the dev team noticed that all the documents and planning where labeled in steps. Step 1, Step 2 and so on. Out of the blue one of the developers blurted out "StepMobile". Right then we knew we had found our new name. The mobile community is always stepping ahead in hardware, always stepping ahead in new applications and how to effectively use them with large and diverse audiences. Although we do a lot more than just programming, after hearing this just sort of stuck.